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Thursday, January 13, 2011

[REVIEW] CCT-Fashion Wholesale Site - Accessories

C C T - F a s h i o n  W h o l e s a l e  S i t e - A c c e s s o r i e s

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A b o u t ;
Cct-fashion is a site that sells wholesale asian fashion and accessories.

A d v a n t a g e s ;
Wholesale Site. Cheap, Asian Fashion and Accessories. Customer Service.

D i s a d v a n t a g e s ;
Shipping Cost. MUST purchase 2 of each item and have a minimum order of at least 6 accessory items or 12 fashion items (remembering you have to order at least 2 of each style). Hard to navigate around site - Very Plain.

O p i n i o n s ;
I purchased many types of accessories from cct-fashion recently and was very happy to receive my order. My order was quite cheap but due to shipping costs, it made my order quite expensive. The order took about a week to arrive. When I first opened my package, the items were good quality and just as the pictures on the site. I wore most of the accessories and they were very durable. There was one bracelet that I ordered that broke within a day of wearing it, the bow tore right off because it was glued on terribly. There was a small fault in the details of each accessory.

O V E R A L L ; 7 / 1 0
I hate ordering 2 of each item as the items usually came in one colour, but then again it is a wholesale site.
I would order from this site again, they had very good customer service.
Most items were of good quality and colour.



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